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WATCH: Police Threaten To Shoot Mother Whose Daughter Mistakenly Took Barbie Doll From Store

WATCH: Police Threaten To Shoot Mother Whose Daughter Mistakenly Took Barbie Doll From Store

  • "You're going to get ----ing shot!" an officer yelled at the pregnant mother in her vehicle.

Phoenix Police are investigating an incident that happened last month where officers charged at, shouted expletives toward, and threatened to shoot parents loading their children in their vehicle — all because of a misunderstanding over their daughter mistakenly taking a doll from a dollar store.

The reaction by the police is being condemned by leaders across the city as excessive and degrading.

“They’re cowards and bullies and bigots with badges and guns,” Rev. Jarrett Maupin said, per reporting from Fox 10 Phoenix. “We’ve got a problem in this city, and someone’s gonna end up dead.”

Witnesses who were watching the incident unfold began recording what transpired. The video was given to the police department earlier this week, which is when the investigation was launched.

Expletives were constantly launched toward the parents in the video — 16 times in just the first minute alone. The foul language continues throughout the entire ordeal.

The 4-year-old girl allegedly left the store with her family holding a toy doll. Police charged at the family’s car, yelling at the girl’s mother to “get out of the —-ing car!” and to “get your —-ing hands up!”

The woman tells the officer the door is jammed and cannot be opened easily. She’s also holding one of her children in her arms, and is pregnant.

“You’re going to get —-ing shot!” the officer responded in the video, holding a gun in her face.

Warning: the following embedded tweet contains video with disturbing imagery.

At the end of the incident, officers declined to file charges against the mother and father over the alleged theft.

“It was crazy, very scary over a dollar store,” said witness Aesha Harper. “I would have bought that doll had I knew.”

The family is preparing to level legal action over the way they were treated by the officers involved in the video.

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