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WATCH: 7-Year-Old Immigrant’s ‘Dream’ Comes True As She’s Reunited With Separated Father

WATCH: 7-Year-Old Immigrant’s ‘Dream’ Comes True As She’s Reunited With Separated Father

As 7-year-old Angie waited for her father to descend down the airport escalator, she told reporters in Spanish that her “dream is going to become true.

Her father arrived, and the two embraced for several moments. Tears dripped down the sides of both father’s and daughter’s faces.

The scene is a familiar one at airports across the country — family members reuniting with loved ones after some time apart. But for Angie and her father, Adelino, it meant more.

The two were victims of the U.S. policy separating immigrant children from their parents, which had been implemented last year but halted by an executive order from President Donald Trump after immense public outcry. After 326 days apart, Angie and Adelino were finally together once more, CBS News reported.

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The two had attempted to claim asylum at the U.S. southern border on the basis of continued violence in their home country of Honduras. After Angie was separated from her father, she was sent to her mother, who lived in Texas. Angie had never met her mother, and Adelino had raised her as a single father up to that point.

He was sent to a detention facility in Texas. The organization Immigrant Families Together paid for Adelino’s bond, and after he was released this month he flew out to Texas the next day to be with his daughter.

Many parents and their children remain separated as a result of the Trump administration’s previous immigration policy. Per reporting from the New York Times, the process of reunification is an arduous one, and could take up to two years to complete, according to administration officials.

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