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Twitter Reacts To Sarah Sanders Leaving White House, And Her Possible Run For Governor

Twitter Reacts To Sarah Sanders Leaving White House, And Her Possible Run For Governor

  • Many users rightly point out that Sanders held a strong penchant for lying to the American people.

It was announced by President Donald Trump on Thursday (via Twitter, of course) that White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders would be stepping down from her post, ending her tenure from within the executive branch sometime at the end of this current month.

Sanders has been a part of the White House since the start of the Trump era. In July of 2017, she officially stepped in as press secretary, after Sean Spicer had been ousted from the position.

Notably, Sanders’s tenure has been lacking in terms of the number of press briefings she’s held while in her position. In April of this year, she surpassed the record number of days in which a press briefing wasn’t held, within the modern era of presidencies.

Sanders said she felt “blessed” and “forever grateful” to have held the position, in  a tweet she published on Thursday.

Twitter users had plenty to say about Sanders’s departure, too…and not all of it good. Most of it, in fact, pointed out how the press secretary had a penchant for misleading or lying to the American people, even when the obvious evidence in front of everyone else said something the complete opposite of what she had just said.

It’s unclear at this time who might replace Sanders within the White House. As for her own future plans, President Donald Trump suggested she should follow in her father’s footsteps and run for governor of Arkansas.

Of course, users online had something to say about that as well.

Among the many lies Sanders was caught telling, the most profound may have been discovered within the Mueller report.

Having previously told the White House Press Corps that many agents in the FBI had expressed happiness with Trump’s decision to fire then-director James Comey, Sanders, unable to cite which agents exactly told her that, later admitted to investigators within special counsel Robert Mueller’s inquiry that her assertions were entirely made up.

Sanders claimed that it was a mere “slip of the tongue,” according to NBC News, although she made the errant claim several times.

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