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Trump attacks Nixon White House Counsel after saying Mueller Report ‘Strikingly like Watergate’

Trump attacks Nixon White House Counsel after saying Mueller Report ‘Strikingly like Watergate’

  • John Dean was a key witness against Richard Nixon during the Watergate investigation.
  • Trump lashed out at Dean on Sunday evening, calling him a "sleazebag."

John Dean, the former White House counsel under President Richard Nixon who later became a key witness against his boss in the Watergate scandal, is set to give testimony before Congress regarding the current president.

Dean’s testimony will detail similarities between President Donald Trump’s actions in office with those Dean witnessed under Nixon, he told CNN’s John Berman and Alisyn Camerota on Monday.

“I hope I can give [members of Congress] some context and show them how strikingly like Watergate what we’re seeing now, and as reported in the Mueller report, is,” Dean said, per reporting from Alternet. “So I’ve taken several examples from the Mueller report relating to obstruction of justice, which is their focus today, and looked at those and made the comparisons.”

Among the key similarities, Dean noted that both Trump and Nixon tried to use their powers to fire individuals in order to help themselves politically.

“The firing of [former FBI director James] Comey is certainly not dissimilar from some of the actions that Nixon took,” Dean explained. “Nixon waded in and tried to influence the FBI investigation, as did Trump. So there are lots of comparisons.”

Ahead of his testimony, Trump took to Twitter on Sunday morning, as he frequently does, to deride Dean as a “sleazebag attorney.” He also said that Democrats, in seeking to continue their congressional inquiries into the administration, were trying to get a “do over” on the Mueller report.

That report, organized by special counsel Robert Mueller, has been frequently cited by Trump as demonstrating his innocence, the president alleges. Yet within the findings of the report, and as said by Mueller in late May, Trump has not been exonerated.

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“If we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so,” Mueller stated last month in announcing he was stepping down from his position, per reporting from Vox.

Mueller further explained that he was bound to adhere to “long-standing [Department of Justice] policy” that stated “a president cannot be charged with a federal crime while he is in office,” making it impossible for him to charge Trump with a crime.

Several aspects and examples of obstruction of justice abound within Mueller’s eponymous report, and many have viewed is as a guideline for Congress to begin impeachment proceedings against the president.

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