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TN Detective Delivers Sermon Calling For Arrest, Execution Of LGBTQ Community Members, Allies

TN Detective Delivers Sermon Calling For Arrest, Execution Of LGBTQ Community Members, Allies

  • Knox County Sheriff Department's Grayson Fritts screamed into a microphone during his church's June 2 service, calling for law enforcement to "speedily" convict and execute individuals who attended Pride events.

Most Americans expect law enforcement to carry out the law in an equal and impartial way — but one Knox County, Tennessee, sheriff department detective thinks that certain members of his community deserve to be rounded up and executed.

County Detective Grayson Fritts spoke at the All Scripture Baptist Church sermon on June 2, focusing his discussion on Pride month and Old Testament beliefs on homosexuality.

During his sermon, Fritts rattled off his belief that federal, state, and county governments (the latter of which he’s a part of) should be able to “speedily” arrest and execute members of the LGBTQ community, per reporting from

Fritts screamed into his microphone during the sermon, referencing at times his own law enforcement background. He advocated for riot teams to arrest individuals present at Pride events, and used multiple slurs against the LGBTQ community. He also targeted supporters of the community, including Christian groups who have pushed for acceptance in their places of worship.

Fritts also suggested that minimal evidence should be necessary to execute people — something as simple as a picture on their cell phone while at a Pride event would be enough, he said.

“God has instilled the power of civil government to send the police in 2019 out to these LGBT freaks, and arrest them, and have a trial for them, and if they are convicted, they are to be put to death. Do you understand that? It is a capital crime that should be carried out by our government,” he said, per reporting from Raw Story.

At another point in his sermon, Fritts proclaimed he was “sick of sodomy getting crammed down our throats.”

Confronted with Fritts’s behavior, the Knox County District Attorney General Charme Allen said officials were looking into the detective’s outburst.

“As district attorney, I have dedicated my career to the belief that justice is blind and that all people are entitled to equal protection of the law,” Allen said. “I always have, and always will, prosecute fairly and justly, based upon the law and the evidence, without prejudice, bias, or discrimination of any kind.”

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Fritts’s beliefs are likely primarily driven by his faith. The church he attends, All Scripture Baptist, lays out some fundamentalist beliefs when it comes to how members of the LGBTQ community should be treated:

A person will only burn in their lust toward the same gender if they have been given over to a reprobate or rejected mind. God said homosexuality should be punished with the death penalty, as set forth in Leviticus 20:13. No homosexual will be allowed to attend or join All Scripture Baptist Church.

“Don’t expect anything liberal, watered down, or contemporary here,” the church’s website states.

Watch his full sermon below:

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