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Senate Committee Subpoenas Donald Trump Jr. Over Alleged Role in Russiagate

Senate Committee Subpoenas Donald Trump Jr. Over Alleged Role in Russiagate

On Wednesday, the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is headed by a Republican, subpoenaed Donald Trump Jr. President Trump’s eldest son is ordered to appear in person and answer questions about the ongoing investigation into whether Russian officials interfered with the 2016 presidential election, and whether President Trump willingly accepted or solicited their help.

The committee, which is headed by North Carolina Republican Richard Burr, wants to ask Trump Jr. about any knowledge of his father’s attempts to build a Trump Tower in the Russian capital of Moscow. The project was ultimately scrapped. Burr has served in the Senate since 2005, and said in February that his committee “has still found no evidence to suggest that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia during the 2016 election.”

Trump Jr. previously testified before the Senate in 2017 that he was “peripherally aware” of the Commander In Chief’s desire to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. The Senate Intelligence Committee wants to ask Trump Jr. more questions about his knowledge about the proposed project, especially after Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former lawyer, testified earlier this year that he had given the president’s son details about the proposal.

According to NBC News, the subpoena additionally seems to center around a June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower in New York City where Trump Jr., campaign manager Paul Manafort and the Presidents son-in-law Jared Kushner met with a Russian lawyer. This lawyer allegedly promised to supply the Trump campaign with damaging information about Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

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Trump Jr. testified in 2017 that prior to that meeting at Trump Tower, he did not tell Manafort or Kushner the reason for the meeting and that he did not even tell his father that the meeting would take place.

Cohen, however, testified that Trump Jr. did tell the then-real estate developer that the meeting would take place and that it would be for the purpose of obtaining information that would be harmful to Clinton’s efforts to win the presidential election. Cohen pleaded guilty in November to lying to Congress.

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