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Right Wing Pastor: We need to Burn Every Rainbow Flag in This Nation

Right Wing Pastor: We need to Burn Every Rainbow Flag in This Nation

  • E.W. Jackson compares the Pride flag to being just as bad as the Confederate flag.
  • It turns out, Jackson is hypocritical in his views: he's had very little problem with the Confederate flag in the past, but wants every Pride flag burned.

Far-right conservative pastor E.W. Jackson, popular for his online program “The Awakening,” came out ranting against the flying of rainbow-colored Pride flags at U.S. embassies and elsewhere on Monday.

Jackson compared the Pride flag to the Confederate flag, and said it had no business being flown alongside the American flag, according to reporting from Right Wing Watch.

“I have a major problem with this. I don’t want the gay flag being flown at our embassies any more than I want the Confederate flag being flown at our embassies,” Jackson said.

He doubled down on his comparison during his program.

“As far as I am concerned, the rainbow flag is no different than the Confederate flag. That’s right, I said it and I mean it,” he said. “The rainbow flag is no different than the Confederate flag in that sense. It is a flag that represents the interests of a special group and their own interests, not the interests of our country.”

It is an interesting take to make for Jackson, considering that in the past, the Confederate flag was an image that he’s been happy to defend.

In a Facebook video he published in August 2017, during the Charlottesville violence that erupted at a white supremacist march, Jackson suggested that Confederate flags were innocuous things.

“I defend anybody’s right to fly a Confederate flag on your pickup truck, on your property – put them anywhere you want,” he said.

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And while he didn’t believe they should be placed in public places, he didn’t mind Confederate flags or symbols being in areas where the public could view them on non-governmental property.

“My family and I have not given [Confederate statues or monuments] a second thought, to tell you the truth, because what do they have to do with us? Nobody bothers us, nobody’s harassing us. We never really cared,” Jackson said.

Were Jackson’s views of the Confederate flag and the Pride flag synonymous, as he’ said they are, he’d have no problem with the Pride flag, then, to fly anywhere else than govermental property. But that, too, seems to be too much for the right-wing pastor, who condemned Pride flags being flown anywhere.

It seems his point of view is based more on bigotry than anything else.

“The idea that a man should be sexually attracted to another man is a lie, or that a woman should be attracted sexually to another woman is a lie,” Jackson said on his Monday program. “We need to burn every rainbow flag in this nation.”

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