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Right Wing Pastor: Trump Admin Forcing U.S. Ambassadors To Become Tools For LGBT Agenda

Right Wing Pastor: Trump Admin Forcing U.S. Ambassadors To Become Tools For LGBT Agenda

  • Mat Staver, who runs the right-wing group Liberty Council, sent an "alert" to members warning against a supposed memo being drafted by Mike Pompeo.
  • The memo supposedly promotes anti-discrimination against LGBT individuals around the world — something that Staver is against.
  • Liberty Council is recognized as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

A right-wing, anti-LGBT organization is attempting to fundraise off a purported memo that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is allegedly on the cusp of pushing for equality at U.S. embassies around the world.

The head of the right-wing group Liberty Counsel, Mat Staver, wrote an action “alert” to his organization’s members, urging them to donate money to him in order to prevent a memo from “being drafted…to push all U.S. embassies to lobby for new privilege for LGBT activists,” according to reporting from Right Wing Watch.

Attacks on the LGBT community seeking “privileges,” of course, is generally coded language meant to stir up angst among those who oppose such individuals. In reality, LGBT organizations and persons are striving for the promotion of laws that respect their livelihoods, and treat them as equals under the law to their “straight” counterparts.

Nevertheless, Staver is arguing in his alert that Pompeo is “using America’s international reputation to shove his controversial view” to promote the lives of LGBT individuals “on other nations.” Staver added that the Secretary of State “is threatening any country that seeks to protect religious freedom or refuses to promote the LGBT agenda.”

“Don’t let Sec. Pompeo turn that into the enforcement arm of the LGBT movement,” Staver added, urging his followers to contribute to his cause.

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It may seem odd that Staver is attacking Pompeo, a noted opponent of marriage equality and other proposals aiming to promote LGBT causes striving for equality. Yet Staver may be anticipating the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia, which, last year, Pompeo released a statement in support of.

On May 17 of last year, Pompeo criticized nations that would “arrest and abuse citizens simply for being lesbian, gay, bisexual, or intersex.” That appears to be the catalyst for Staver’s attacks this year.

Staver is well-known for pushing anti-LGBT causes. According to reporting from NBC News, Staver once opposed a bill that would have made lynching a federal crime on the basis that the language within the proposal recognized discrimination and hate crimes against Americans based on their sexuality or gender identities. Staver also served as Kim Davis’ attorney, the country clerk who denied a federal court order to issue marriage license to same sex couples

Staver’s organization Liberty Council is also a recognized hate group, identified as much by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which points out the group promotes, among other things, “anti-LGBT discrimination in places of business under the guise of ‘religious liberty.”

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