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Right Wing Pastor: Left Wing Activists Will Kill Christians If Given The Opportunity

Right Wing Pastor: Left Wing Activists Will Kill Christians If Given The Opportunity

Right-wing Protestant Pastor E.W. Jackson recently said that liberals and progressives “would kill” Christians in an attempt to advance their agenda and overall world view, and he alleged that they possess an antipathy towards Christians that runs deep.

Jackson made his comments on a recent episode of his talk-radio show The Awakening. “I really believe this with all my heart,” he said. “I’m serious. I believe that if the right circumstances presented itself, people on the left would kill us.”

In making the comments, Jackson also appeared to equate liberals and progressives to communists.

“I’m not saying all of them,” he noted, “but I think many of them would kill us because their hatred is so deep. It is so profound, it is so toxic that I think they would rationalize it to themselves that the world would be a better place [without Christians], which is what Communists always do.”

“That’s what Communists always do,” he then added.  “They say, well, the world would be a better place without them. And so, in killing them, we do the world a favor.”

The reverend then claimed that no one on the right would ever do the same to anyone on the left.

“We know we as Christians, we couldn’t do that,” he said.  “We just wouldn’t. We couldn’t. … We love them, and we don’t want to kill anybody, we don’t want to harm anybody, we don’t want to hurt anybody.”

Rev. Jackson is also a lawyer who graduated from Harvard Law school, and he has served in the Marines. He also ran unsuccessfully for one of Virginia’s seats in the U.S. Senate in 2012, and the following year he was nominated as the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor of Virginia.

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This is not the first time Jackson has made incendiary comments towards those on the left. He has claimed that homosexuality “poisons culture” and “brings the judgment of God unless very few things that we can think of.” He even tweeted once that then-President Brack Obama was the “first gay president.”

During his 2013 campaign, when these statements were brought up, Jackson said in response, “What I really said was that the gay rights movement, so-called, the homosexual activists, engage in some behavior that is absolutely horrendous, and that’s true, everybody knows that. From going into Catholic churches and desecrating the Sacraments to engaging in all kinds of demonstrative behavior to try to call attention to what they view as their plight.”

Despite his comments aimed at the LGBT community, Jackson claimed he only hates “rabid radical gay activists” and not all gay people.

Jackson ended up losing his race for lieutenant governor to Democrat Ralph Northam.

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