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Right-Wing Journalist: Restricting Abortion For Rape Victims Is ‘Protecting’ Them

Right-Wing Journalist: Restricting Abortion For Rape Victims Is ‘Protecting’ Them

  • Matt Walsh demonstrates ignorance when it comes to how rape is investigated by law enforcement.
  • The right-wing author believes a pregnancy is the best way to prove a rape happened.
  • Walsh advocated for abortion restrictions, even in instances of rape or incest, forcing women to keep a child that was forced upon them.

Several states across the country this month have passed monumental and unprecedented restrictions against a woman’s right to an abortion, with many refusing the ability to obtain one even in cases of rape or incest.

The punishments for getting an abortion in these states would be severe: in Alabama, for example, would punish doctors who perform the procedure by up to 99 years in prison, according to the New York Times.

Some have tried to react with these types of laws by promoting boycotts of these states or sexual strikes. But Matt Walsh, a writer for the extreme-right website The Daily Caller, recently defended the severe restrictions, including the refusal to allow a woman or child to access an abortion if she was raped.

His main argument? The abortion could allow rapists to get away with their crime.

“Rapists use abortion to cover their tracks,” Walsh said, per reporting from Right Wing Watch. “Abortion restrictions can actually protect rape victims, whereas abortion clinics often exploit rape victims and can cause rape to continue.”

Later, he claimed that “abortion clinics often exploit rape victims, and can cause rape to continue.”

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Facing severe backlash from his comments, Walsh refused to back down. “Do I apologize for making this point? No, no, I do not, not even a little bit. I’m not ever going to apologize for saying something that’s true,” he said.

There are myriad ways to prove a rape occurred, of course, and Walsh’s assertions that keeping a woman pregnant against her will is the best way to prove a rape occurred is foolish. Rape kits can provide investigators with DNA of the assailants, for example, and other investigative methods can lead to arrests even if such evidence isn’t collected.

The lifelong difficulties of having a child of a rapist can be daunting as well. Even when a woman decides to remain pregnant, several states across the country allow rapists to apply for and receive partial custody of the child after it’s born, per reporting from Fox News.

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