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Right Wing Columnist: GOP Is Dead Because They Are Now ‘The Dumb Party’

Right Wing Columnist: GOP Is Dead Because They Are Now ‘The Dumb Party’

  • George Will stated that the Republican Party "is doing its very best to drive [young people] away permanently."

George Will is a longtime respected conservative columnist. He also officially left the Republican Party when Donald Trump secured the GOP nomination for President in the 2016 election.

Ever since then, and especially since Trump took office, Will has been an outspoken critic of not just Trump, but of the sycophancy of elected Republicans when it comes to coddling Trump and excusing his many misdeeds.

Most recently, Will went on CNBC to make a rather startling prediction: The GOP will soon be dead for years to come, and it is their own fault. Will said of the situation:

“Young people have made up their mind about the Republican Party, that it’s kind of the dumb party. These are the same young people who say they have warm feelings about socialism, but all they mean by that is that socialism means everyone being socialable and being nice to one another. They haven’t thought it through.”

He went on to say that even though the younger generation seemed to like the idea of a more socialist America, they also disliked the government. He continued:

“The same people who are suspicious — who like socialism — are suspicious of government so, I think that they’re uninformed at this point. But the Republican Party is doing its very best to drive them away permanently.”

Will is a respected voice in conservative politics, but since the rise of Trump, conservatives like him are being shunned, possibly due to elected officials and others who have ambitions in the ranks of conservative politics fearing Trump and his base. Going against Trump has driven longtime, respected Senators and House members from office, or even gotten them beaten in primaries.

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The Trump effect has already ousted Rep. Mark Sanford (R-SC), Senator Bob Corker (R-TN), Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA), and Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) to name a few. Operatives and columnists from the Right such as Steve Schmidt, Nicolle Wallace, Evan McMullin, Mindy Finn, and others have been pushed from right-wing circles as well.

Whether or not Will and others are right about the future of the party is unknown right now. It will be interesting to see the end product, though.

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