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Kellyanne Conway Gets Nailed For Accusing MSNBC Of Lying While On MSNBC

Kellyanne Conway Gets Nailed For Accusing MSNBC Of Lying While On MSNBC

  • Conway also described documents that Congress was seeking from the president "privileged" information.

Now that the investigation campaign by Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III, delving into Russian collusion by President Donald Trump’s 2020, has concluded, everyone is dealing with the fallout.

White House Counsel Kellyanne Conway appeared on the air with MSNBC’s Kristen Welker to discuss the Mueller report and the ongoing investigations by Congress. She seemed to be accusing the very network she was appearing on of lying about the results of the report.

Conway also suggested that the reason for Congressional investigations was political, and that Democrats were determined to get more incriminating results than the original Special Counsel report revealed. She said to Welker:

“I’ll point you back to when the Mueller report first came out, journalists like you were asking us, well, when will you move on, how long will you keep on sort of preening and saying there is nothing in the Mueller report other than what we have already known?”

“Yet it’s them who are in Congress trying to do a do-over of a report that is the authoritative, definitive, conclusive and final word on what was investigated. It was meant to be investigating collusion by a foreign government in a campaign that I ran to a successful end, and we already, as a nation, have spent 22 months and tens of millions of dollars in taxpayer money.”

Welker reminded Conway of her own comments regarding the role of Congress in such matters.

According to the host, Conway herself said that it was Congress who is responsible for investigations into the Executive Branch of the federal government. To that end, Welker wanted to know why the White House has been so resistant to having its former and current administration officials be compliant with Congress in these matters.

Conway answered:

“As you know, many of those documents are privileged. I want your viewers to recognize the facts there. Many of these documents are privileged, so they will not be turned over willy-nilly. The other thing is, I have to slightly disagree with the characterization that Director Mueller directed Congress to take it up.”

Welker told Conway that the Mueller report directly said that Congress should exercise its oversight duties. That’s when Conway essentially called MSNBC’s reporters liars when it came to this area of the Mueller report.

“I read the report. He cites many things in his report, including that there was no collusion, despite the fact that your network said it many times every single day for many years, respectfully. One thing in the report that is important to note is the job of the special counsel is to refer an indictment or decline a referral on indictment — that is it.”

“Words like exoneration is really not appropriate responsibility. When you said that the Congress has an oversight responsibility, oversight is different from overreach, and you’re yet to point out to me, as is anyone else, what would be new in these investigations. What would be new in this testimony other than what we’ve already seen in the actual Mueller report. People were worried for very many months — you’re going to fire Mueller and we need to protect Mueller and the president is interfering.”

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Welker then set the record straight with regards to MSNBC’s reporting on the Mueller report.

“Just to be clear, no one here ever came to any determination about what may or may not have been in the Mueller report.”

Conway shot back:

“I think some of your talking heads have, yes.”

The clearly testy interview continued in that vein, with Welker defending MSNBC’s reporting, and Conway accusing them of lying. Who is right in this whole thing remains to be seen. Watch the interview below:

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