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John Dean draws laughter after revealing Jim Jordan doesn’t know what he’s doing

John Dean draws laughter after revealing Jim Jordan doesn’t know what he’s doing

  • Jordan railed off a list of unrelated "accomplishments" by the Trump administration, taking issue with a tweet made by Dean that had nothing to do with the committee's interests.

Former White House counsel John Dean, who served under former President Richard Nixon, was invited to speak at the House Judiciary Committee on Monday afternoon in order to give insights into how a chief executive might abuse their position of power.

While he did give such testimony during questioning from Democratic lawmakers, there were evidently Republicans on the committee who had no interest in discussing the matter. Rather than talk about current President Donald Trump’s misdeeds, as laid out in the Mueller report, GOP lawmakers took time to belittle Dean instead, per reporting from Talking Points Memo.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) was among them. Unfortunately for Jordan, the former wrestling coach’s remarks were turned around on him, resulting in an embarrassing moment within the committee for the congressman.

Jordan, while speaking directly to Dean, brought forward the former counsel’s Twitter posts. “‘As president of the United States, he, Donald Trump, is incapable of accomplishing anything,'” Jordan quoted Dean as saying. “When you made that statement, Mr. Dean, what did you have in mind?”

Before Dean could answer, Jordan railed off a set of Trump talking points: GDP growth, unemployment, North Korean hostages returned to the U.S, and for some reason the fact that the administration moved an embassy in Israel to Jerusalem — topics that were not meant to really be discussed at all on Monday.

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Again, Jordan asked what Dean meant in the tweet that was cited. Dean, finally given the chance to do so, responded, tongue-in-cheek.

“Mr. Jordan, I think, under the parliamentary rules of the House, I’m refrained from addressing a full answer to your question,” Dean said.

The audience at the committee hearing erupted in laughter. Jordan tried to regroup, but it was no use.

“You weren’t refrained in your tweets,” he struggled to say. When Dean again tried to say he wasn’t there to discuss his tweets, Jordan interrupted him, perhaps in hopes of refusing him the chance to get another laugh from the audience.

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