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Head Of Prager University: Mass Shootings Caused By Decline Of Religion And Marriage

Head Of Prager University: Mass Shootings Caused By Decline Of Religion And Marriage

  • Dennis Prager runs an online "university" which is, in fact, not an accredited academic institution.
  • Prager claims that a decline in marriage is partly to blame for the rise in mass shootings.

Dennis Prager, a conservative writer who heads a non-academic “university” that bears his name, blames the rise of mass shootings in the U.S. on the decline of Christianity in society, as well as men being unmarried.

“An essentially Christian population, which is what America was throughout its history, had two things going for it. One is, a biblical — that is a divine — what they believe, what I believe — is a divine code of behavior,” Prager said in a recent rant on the matter, according to Right Wing Watch. “So, if you raise a whole generation after generation after generation to believe God himself, the creator of the universe, said ‘Do not murder,’ that’s not insignificant.”

Essentially, since less people are living by the tenets of Christianity, it means that they don’t follow the laws of the Ten Commandments, Prager’s thinking boils down to.

Yet that goes against what the evidence suggests: countries around the world that are more secular tend to have lower crime rates than those that are more religious, according to an analysis from the Los Angeles Times.

Prager went on to claim that it wasn’t just the decline in Christianity that was a problem, but that “every murderer, and certainly mass murderer, is not only a male, [but] is a single man.”

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Put bluntly, Prager seems to imply that, if we want to stop mass murderers, we need to encourage women to marry men who may commit violent acts.

Again, that runs counter to the evidence that’s available to us. According to reporting from, domestic violence against women — including against spouses or significant others — is often a precursor to mass shootings. The Sutherland Springs, Texas, shooter, for example, committed an assault on his wife and child five years before he carried out his mass murder, and the Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock beat his girlfriend “a lot” prior to his killing spree, per those who knew him.

Beyond a decline in Christianity and marriage in our society, Prager also blamed leftist attitudes for the rise in violence, which he said created a “victim mentality” that allowed would-be mass murderers to believe they had a right to carry out their killings.

Among the things Prager left out of his rant? The rise of right-wing extremism, and guns themselves.

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