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Evangelical Pastor: Reclaim Christian Heritage To Save America From Secular Democrat Plot To Destroy America

Evangelical Pastor: Reclaim Christian Heritage To Save America From Secular Democrat Plot To Destroy America

Larry Tomczak is an Evangelical Pastor who writes for the conservative website Barbwire. On Tuesday, he wrote a piece with quotes from everyone from the late President Ronald Reagan to the Bible. His overarching theme was clear, though: Conservative Christians such as himself must reclaim their christian heritage in order to save America from the Democratic Revolution.

The piece, entitled “Democrat 6-Point Battle Plan to Take Down America,” focuses on what Pastor Tomczak perceives to be the dangers of progressive policies. He views secularism as the downfall of the nation. There is a section in the piece entitled “Reclaiming our Godly Heritage,” in which Tomczak claims:

“America was founded when devout Christians came here entering into a sacred covenant. Their purpose was for ‘the glory of God and the advancement of the Christian faith.’”

He continues:

“It is time that we reclaim our Christian heritage and resist the radical Democrat revolution attempting to undermine and remove any vestiges of it. A most recent example is removing Kate Smith’s classic rendition of “God Bless America” from Yankees and Philadelphia Flyers games due to some songs she sang in the 1930’s that now make this icon a “racist”.

Tomczak lays out what he deems the ‘Democratic Battle Plan’ to ruin the nation with progressivism. The Pastor details a plan in which Democrats will usher in hoards of undocumented immigrants, who will vote blue in all elections.

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He goes on to explain that conservatives will be smeared as racists and bigots in an effort to silence them. Hollywood and the internet will facilitate the sophisticated boycotts and campaigns that will achieve this goal. Finally, Democrats will rid the nation of the Electoral College, ensuring one-party rule forever.

Pastor Tomczak has a vision of a Christian America under attack by Democrats. To him, we can only ‘reclaim our Christian heritage’ by defeating the Democrats’ 6-point plan to destroy America. The First Amendment gives him the right to believe as he does. But one thing is clear: This country is not a theocracy.

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