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Dem Presidential Candidate Tim Ryan: Trump ‘Doesn’t Give A S–t’ About The Constitution

Dem Presidential Candidate Tim Ryan: Trump ‘Doesn’t Give A S–t’ About The Constitution

  • Ryan ripped into Trump on Wednesday, decrying Trump's disregard for the traditions and precedents he's defied since entering office.
  • "He doesn’t give a s--t about them, he just doesn’t care," Ryan said.

A Democratic candidate for president said on Wednesday that President Donald Trump “doesn’t give a s–t” about our Constitution or other precedents and norms set before him.

Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio expressed his belief that Trump is “more concerned about himself than the Constitution, the traditions of our country, transparency, all of the essential components, whether in law or in tradition, in America,” per reporting from The Hill.

Ryan added, “He doesn’t give a s–t about them, he just doesn’t care.”

Ryan’s comments come as the Trump administration has asserted executive privilege on the redacted portions of the Mueller report. The White House has also said it will refuse to allow former counsel to the president Don McGahn testify about his comments found within the Mueller report, and will not turn over Trump’s tax returns, even as they’ve been subpoenaed by Democrats in the House.

According to a tweet from ABC News’ political reporter Johnny Verhovek, Ryan went on to say that this is not unfamiliar ground for the president to walk on.

“We all know what he does, this is what he does. He uses every ounce of power he has to protect himself,” Ryan explained.

Ryan, a longtime supporter of the rights and conditions of workers in the United States, has challenged Trump in the past. Previously, he admonished Trump for promising, within Ryan’s home district, that job security was so positive that people should refrain from selling their homes and looking elsewhere for work.

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“Since that time, we lost the second shift at our General Motors plant, and GM on that same day that the workers were walking out, announced they’re building a new factory in Mexico,” Ryan recalled, according to a video from Now This Is News.

Ryan described the situation in further detail.

“600 workers [in his home district] got a text message at 8:00 on a Saturday night: You lost your job,” Ryan said. “We got bailout money for every bank that wants one, every savings and loan. Every corporation gets a tax cut to the tune of $2.3 trillion, and no one gives a damn about the workers…The workers of the United States of America are tired of being pawns in this corporate game”

Ohio has voted with the winning Presidential candidate in American history except for four occasions: 1884, 1892, 1944 & 1960.

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