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Parrot Who Warned Drug Dealers About Raid Taken Into Custody

Parrot Who Warned Drug Dealers About Raid Taken Into Custody

People who traffic in hard drugs have some of the most creative ways of not getting caught. One set of drug dealers in Brazil seem to have trained a pet parrot to warn them when the cops were about to come. When the police got within the vicinity of the residence, the police said that the bird began saying, “Mummy, police! Mummy, police!”

An officer on the scene commented:

“He must have been trained for that. As soon as police got close he began shouting.”

The bird, likely not smart enough to be a criminal all on its own, was arrested just like the others. He was put into a comfortable cage before being handed over to the zoo in Teresina, Brazil.

To add to the strangeness of the story, once the police took the bird, he did not say anything at all, despite the ruckus he was making prior to his owners being arrested. A journalist observed:

“So far it hasn’t made a sound.”

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Now, it could be argued whether or not this was animal abuse, teaching a talking bird to warn its drug-dealing owners of the presence of cops. Though it does say something about the intelligence of these birds, that they can recognize the police immediately and know what to do.

Arguments can also be made regarding the morality of drug dealing, drug use, and how to solve the world’s crises with regards to these sorts of social issues. That, however, is a debate for another day.

Either way, no one can argue that whomever trained this parrot had an ingenious drug trafficking operation going, at least when it comes to using a parrot as the lookout. Dealers everywhere will be taking heed, we’re sure.

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