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Clarence Thomas’ Wife Unveils Dark Money Organization to Christian-Right Leaders, GOP Donors To ‘Protect President Trump’

Clarence Thomas’ Wife Unveils Dark Money Organization to Christian-Right Leaders, GOP Donors To ‘Protect President Trump’

  • Ginni Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, has headed several right-wing groups in the past.
  • Some have questioned whether her involvement in politics is a conflict of interest for her husband's supposedly impartial work.

Virginia “Ginni” Thomas is planning to set up a new right-wing political organization whose main purpose is to unite conservatives in protecting President Donald Trump.

Documents obtained by The Intercept indicated that an overall broad project called “Crowdsourcers” will involve several separate arms. In a slideshow presentation that Thomas showcased to conservative groups, Republican lawmakers, Christian leaders, and others last month, one of those arms was labeled “Protect President Trump, and will be headed by a political action committee with the legal name “American D-Day.”

Another aspect of “Crowdsourcers” will be headed by controversial filmmaker James O’Keefe, and will be called “Protect Our Heroes.”

During the meeting in which “Crowdsourcers” was introduced, Thomas spoke in animated terms in order to demonstrate the need of the political right to focus on what their plans should be down the road.

“Our house is on fire and we are stomping ants in the driveway. We’re not really focused on the arsonists who are right around us,” Thomas said.

She also cited lines from Sun Tzu’s “Art of War,” suggesting that right-wing groups utilize methods that have been deemed successful within liberal and progressive circles. “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles,” Thomas quoted the military leader as saying.

It’s not clear whether the project had the backing of individuals at the meeting or not, but judging from Thomas’s successes in the past, it’s likely that “Crowdsourcers” will become an integral part of Trump’s re-election efforts by outside parties.

There have been some criticisms of Thomas’s political activities in recent years, given that her husband is a member of the highest court of the country. Her involvement in right-wing causes may create the appearance of impropriety and bias within her household, which could make Justice Thomas’s decisions or opinions on the Supreme Court appear to be clouded.

Trump met with Ginni Thomas earlier this year, when she and others spoke out against the allowance of transgender servicemembers serving in the U.S. military. Beyond the issue of transgender soldiers, however, Thomas and other organizers also spoke out against women serving in the armed forces, the New York Times reported.

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