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Conservative Christian Activist: Pete Buttigieg Should Explain His ‘Gayness’

Conservative Christian Activist: Pete Buttigieg Should Explain His ‘Gayness’

  • Right-wing writer Don Boys cited a questionable study and drew false conclusions about the life expectancies of adult gay men.

Don Boys, a far-right conservative columnist and former lawmaker from Indiana, believes that South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg would make a lousy choice for president of the United States.

Boys doesn’t cite Buttigieg’s positions on policy or issues the mayor has taken a stance on in the past for his opposition to the candidate, however. Instead, Boys makes clear that Buttigieg’s being a gay man is a disqualifying trait to back him.

Boys chastised Buttigieg in a recent column, including by disparaging his relationship as illegitimate. Buttigieg is married to a man named Chasten Glezman, but Boys won’t call Glezman and Buttigieg “married” because “that is asinine, aberrant, and not accurate,” he wrote in his opinion piece. Instead, Boys “will refer to him as his ‘lover,'” he added.

Beyond making bigoted and stereotypical assumptions about Buttigieg throughout the piece, Boys wants to know the “extent” of his “gayness” — including making demands about the Indiana mayor’s medical records.

Boys assumed in his piece that all gay men are subject to a lower lifespan, based on an unnamed study he doesn’t take the time to cite in his column that suggests the life expectancy is 20 years lower for individuals who identify as homosexual.

“All homosexuals are aware that their lifespan is about 20 years less than for normal people so voters should know that a homosexual president may not live to finish his term,” Boys wrote.

Doing the research and tracking back others who have made similar claims, however, brings us back to that original study, which looked at one city’s gay residents and said that there were indications that a gay man’s life expectancy could be expected to be lower by a wide range, from 8 years to 21 years. But citing that study comes with its own problems.

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For starters, it’s from nearly 30 years ago, and was published in the early 1990s. Second, the co-author of the study has stated unequivocally that those drawing false conclusions about his study really ought to knock it off.

“To use my report to support the notion that gay and bisexual sex is somehow the reason why people die early is misusing the data,” co-author of that study Julio Montaner said.

Others have pointed out that there’s another problem with Boys’s bigoted attack against Buttigieg: it’s inconsistent. If Boys is worried about the life expectancy of candidates for president, he hasn’t expressed the same concerns for President Donald Trump, who will be 74 on election day in 2020, and if re-elected will be 78 when his second term expires.

The life expectancy of adult males in the United States is  78.6 years of age, on average, according to CNN. And the accuracy of Trump’s medical records have been seen as questionable, at best, per reporting from The Atlantic.

Boys has made other controversial comments in the past. He’s called for those who identify as gay to be imprisoned for 12 years, and has suggested that rape victims who don’t scream cannot have their claims taken seriously, reported The Friendly Atheist.

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