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Anti-LGBTQ Director Says Equality Act Will Make Christianity ‘Against The Law’

Anti-LGBTQ Director Says Equality Act Will Make Christianity ‘Against The Law’

  • Michelle Cretella is the executive director of a right-wing anti-LGBTQ organization.
  • She claims the law should really be called the "Death to Christianity Act."

A proposed bill making its way through Congress would offer protections to members of the LGBTQ community against discrimination in many facets of their lives — but many far-right conservatives are wrongly labeling it as anti-Christian.

The Equality Act would ban discrimination against the LGBTQ community in employment, housing, credit, education, public spaces, federally funded programs, and other societal aspects, according to reporting from the Human Rights Campaign.

Some have been critical of the law, however, claiming it would require those with deeply held religious views to accept members of the LGBTQ community even if they didn’t want to.

While some business owners may be “forced” to treat all customers and potential employees equally — much like how they’re presently forbidden from discriminating others on the basis of sex or race, for example — there are exemptions within the bill that allow religious institutions, places of worship, and private schools to continue to discriminate if it’s within their faith’s decrees to do so.

Still, the debate on the far-right has taken a decisive turn toward disseminating ideas about the bill that, plain and simple, are flat-out wrong.

Michelle Cretella is the executive director of the conservative American College of Pediatricians, an organization that sounds innocuous but is actually extremely bigoted toward the LGBTQ community. While speaking on “Washington Watch” recently, Cretella suggested the bill was a direct attack on Christianity.

“I think it’s really super important for all listeners to realize this law, if it passes, if this bill becomes law, it impacts everyone,” Cretella said.

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She went on to say that she believed the bill should be called the “Death to Christianity Act,” according to reporting from Right Wing Watch.

“Christianity, it will cease to be publicly practiced. It’ll become against the law,” Cretella added.

There is no provision in the bill that would ban Christianity. But hyperbolic comments like these and others are becoming commonplace in the debate over the Equality Act.

According to reporting from BuzzFeed News, some on the right are also falsely claiming that the bill attacks the rights of women, arguing that transgender women would gain special benefits or protections if the bill passes into law.

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