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25 White Male Lawmakers In Alabama Just Decided Women’s Reproductive Rights For Them

25 White Male Lawmakers In Alabama Just Decided Women’s Reproductive Rights For Them

  • The Alabama State Senate has only four female senators, all who voted against the anti-choice legislation earlier this week.

The most restrictive anti-choice law in the country passed in the Alabama Senate on Tuesday evening, and there’s a glaring similarity between those who voted to affirm its passage.

25 out of 27 Republican senators voted in favor for the bill, which now heads to the governor’s desk. Of those 25, all of them are white men. The remaining two senators in the GOP caucus did not vote.

The four women who are in the Alabama Senate, who belong to the state’s Democratic Party, all voted against the restrictive anti-abortion bill, according to reporting from The Guardian.

Senate Minority Leader Bobby Singleton spoke out against the bill, pointing out the glaring omission of women in support of it. “You’ve got 27 men over on the other side ready to tell women what they can do with their bodies,” he said.

Singleton pointed out during debate of the bill that it had the potential to affect lawmakers’ families.

“It’s a sad day in Alabama. You just said to my daughter, you don’t matter, you don’t matter in the state of Alabama,” Singleton said, CBS News reported.

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The bill, if it’s indeed signed into law as it’s expected to be, will almost assuredly be contested in the courts, the New York Times reported.

But some conservatives are actually counting on that. They’re hopeful that the impending appeals will take it all the way to the federal Supreme Court, where conservative justices (including the two most recently appointed by President Donald Trump) may overturn the 46-year precedent legalizing and protecting a woman’s right to an abortion in the landmark case Roe v. Wade.

There have been a slew of anti-choice bills passed in states across the country recently. The American Civil Liberties Union has promised, through its social media postings, to litigate those laws in order to protect the right to an abortion.

“Know this, politicians: If you attack our right to abortion — whether it’s in Alabama, Ohio, Georgia, or Kentucky — we will see you in court,” the organization wrote in a tweet on Wednesday morning.

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