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10 Cities Trump Has Campaigned In Have Significant Bills He Hasn’t Paid Back Yet

10 Cities Trump Has Campaigned In Have Significant Bills He Hasn’t Paid Back Yet

Ten city governments from across the country have incurred significant bills due to President Donald Trump campaigning through them in recent years. Yet Trump’s campaign apparatus, which benefited from these cities deciding to beef up their security during his visits, has decided not to reimburse or pay those bills.

In many cases, the Trump campaign is not required to do so, the Center for Public Integrity reported. But in many similar instances, politicians are generally expected to pay back the tab for increases in security for their events, especially when they have beefed up security in order to provide protection for the person who is visiting.

The total amount that these 10 cities have dished out on Trump’s behalf is $841,219. The most expensive visit accounts for more than half of the total bill, when Trump made a recent trip to El Paso, Texas. That jaunt cost the city around $470,000.

The remaining nine visits, according to CPI, include bills that range from around $8,400 at their lowest to more than $80,000 at their highest.

Five of the invoices listed date back to Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, according to AlterNet. The impact that these bills has on these cities is nothing to sneeze at, experts and city officials say.

“The fiscal impact on local governments, especially during campaign seasons in critical vote states or communities, can be significant,” Richard Myers, executive director of the Major Cities Chiefs Association, said. “When one considers how much money campaigns raise and spend, it does not seem unreasonable to expect some degree of reimbursement for such demands for service.”

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It’s not as though the Trump campaign cannot help these municipalities out, either. According to its latest campaign figures from March, Trump has more than $40.8 million in his 2020 campaign “war chest,” an amount that could pay for the bills from these cities at least 48 times over.

Yet some city officials are taking a more realistic approach to the situation. “Let’s be honest, when does Trump ever pay his bills?” Kate Burke, a city council member in Spokane, Washington, said.

It’s possible that the bills Trump owes could come back to haunt him. Some of the cities that say the president should pay them back are within so-called “swing states,” which could go for or against him in the 2020 election. These include two cities in Arizona, two in Wisconsin, as well as cities in both Pennsylvania and Ohio.

If the Trump campaign doesn’t pay these bills, it could result in a large number of voters from these states being upset that he hasn’t paid them back, possibly putting his Electoral College balance on the line as a result.

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